Welcome to SF Canstruction! 

Canstruction brings together the Architecture/Engineering/Construction community in the spirit of competition and giving back to our communities. Teams build colossal structures entirely out of cans of food then an exhibit will be open to the public for viewing. When the exhibition is over, the structures get dismantled. All of the canned food and money raised go to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

FANTASTIC NEWS: Del Monte has agreed to donate all the cans for our Summer 2015 competition!

2015 theme: AmeriCAN Grown

Contact us for ways to get involved:

form a team to build
join the SF Canstruction Committee
volunteer at the event
sponsor the event
make in-kind donations

Congratulations to Duck Hunt!

Winner of the 2014 International Juror's Favorite Award!

 Thank you to our generous sponsors!